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22 & 23 mars 2017
Paris Expo | Porte de Versailles
L’adoption du Cloud et le dynamisme des Datacenters
Intervenant Cloud Computing World Expo | Solutions Datacenter Management
Brad began his multifaceted career as a naval architect with the French navy, performing numerical simulations of ship capsize and waves around large ships. He then joined a Schlumberger research lab in Paris for several years, where he worked on turbulent fluid dynamics, laboratory automation, large-scale parallel numerical simulations, and new internet technologies, which included monitoring of NCSA projects (such as Mosaic) funded by Schlumberger.
In 1999, he and a partner started the Paris office of Software.com, a provider of email software including Post.Office. After Software.com merged with Phone.com, Brad continued with the new company, Openwave, in a pre-sales position working with fixed and mobile operators throughout Europe, selling messaging solutions, WAP gateways, MMSCs, embedded handset software, and location-based solutions. He joined Bizanga Labs in 2008 as an architect designing messaging security systems and large distributed storage systems.
Brad holds a PhD degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.
Société : SCALITY
Fonction : Chief Architect
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• 22/03/2017 de 09:00 à 18:00
• 23/03/2017 de 09:00 à 17:30
Paris Expo | Porte de Versailles
Contacts : +33 1 44 78 99 36
Event Manager : Denis Remy
Business Dev. Manager : Gwen Rabier
Conf. Cloud Computing : Céline Boittin
Conf. Datacenter : Olivier Bouzereau
Tech. & Clients : Emmanuelle Lesage
Relation Presse : Marie-Christine Flahault
•  22/23 Mars : Tous les nuages mèneront aux conférences de la 8ème Edition des Salons Cloud Computing World Expo et Solutions Datacenter Management 2017
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